Global Citizen Dialogue
Call for action on climate change

Second seminar of 2022 “Global Citizen Dialogue – Future by us” seminar series
Jeong-Yub Lee, Head of POSCO ESG Management Group

On May 25th, 2022, FNF Korea and the POSCO TJ Park Foundation held the second seminar of the “Global Citizen Dialogue – Future by us” seminar series. The seminar series is a collaborative education project of FNF and POSCO TJ Park Foundation, aimed to nurture active future leaders and to discuss various social issues regarding digital transformation and future space. With the topic of 'Climate Change and Environment', the seminar was moderated by Yong-Geun Kim, Director of POSTECH Corporate Citizenship Research Institute.

Jeong-Yub Lee, Head of POSCO ESG Management Group started off the presentation as he illustrated how rapid industrial development has caused various environmental problems on the planet, mainly focused on air pollution and greenhouse gas. By pointing out that 90% of air-pollution-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, he demonstrated how air pollution that starts in one country could easily affect and bring damage to other countries and emphasized that we’re facing a global phenomenon.

Lee then presented various institutional strategies and plans for sustainable development by taking examples of POSCO group and urge more industries for transition to sustainable and eco-friendly operations. He strongly calls every one of us to contribute to building a sustainable planet.

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion which was the highlight of the seminar. 100 students from 19 countries have shared their thoughts about climate change and environment, raising significant questions such as how they could make their governments to act directly to prevent climate change and what kind of habit or decision they could perform as an individual to be able to save the planet in the long run.

The webinar was organized in a hybrid format, physically being held at POSCO Center in Seoul and live-streamed on Zoom. Only a limited number of students could participate on-site due to COVID-19 restrictions. The next seminar of the series will be held in July.

Watch the whole event on Youtube

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