2020 Gimpo Peace Forum


Dr. Christian Taaks, head of FNF Korea, was graciously invited to partake in the 2020 Gimpo Peace Forum as both a presenter and discussant. Hosted by the city of Gimpo and the Gimpo Cultural Foundation, the forum was held on Wednesday, December 9 through YouTube Live. The work of FNF Korea and Dr. Taaks’ expertise on German unification came in handy as the main topic of discussion was on the future direction of Gimpo as a central city for cooperation between the North and the South.


After some welcoming remarks from the mayor of Gimpo City, Dr. Taaks started off the first session with his presentation on “German Unification and the Role of Local Governments”. He went through the slow changes through rapprochement within the governments of Germany themselves and how this regional support facilitated the integration of the divided German regions. In addition, we heard presentations from Secretary General Hong San-Young on the “Past History and Future Challenges of Civilian Cooperative Exchange between North and South Korea” and Professor Lim Eul-Chul who spoke about the “Establishment of Peace on the Korean Peninsula and the Local Governments’ Role”.


The three presenters in the first session were joined by three other experts in related fields - Kim Jong Chun (Foundation of Inter-Korea Cooperation), Professor Nam Jung-Ho (Marine Com), and Cho Min-Jae (Gimpo History and Culture Research Lab) – for a 50 minute discussion on future policies of local government in relation to increased cooperation between the North and the South during the second session.

YouTube Video

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