"iVALUES" competition winner from Jordan
Martha's platform is a unique educational platform


Have you ever wondered how to communicate with people who are Deaf?
Is it not fantastic if someone created an online educational platform where you can learn Arabic sign language and bring ICT tools to your lives?

That is precisely what Martha's platform is, a unique educational platform launched by the (iVALUES) competition winner from Jordan, MarthaEdu, with the support of and partnership with FNF MENA, where the deaf community can learn Arabic sign language through a series of videos easily accessible from any device. With Martha's platform, anyone can learn sign language and communicate with Deaf people.

The platform tries to ensure that everyone can learn sign language and that the learning process is as easy and fun as possible by creating short videos.

The platform would support the inclusion of deaf people in the community and increase their participation by encouraging others to learn sign language.

Many people are passionate about learning languages, so how about considering sign language as one of them? Here is the link where you can learn, practice, and enjoy.