FNF MENA Regional Meeting | Rabat, Morocco


FNF MENA held a Regional Meeting in Rabat, Morocco, where all FNF MENA offices were brought together.

The regional office for the Middle East and North Africa, FNF MENA, recently held its regional meeting in Rabat, Morocco. The meeting brought together FNF offices from across the region to discuss ongoing projects, cooperation between the offices, and the new communication strategy for FNF MENA.

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During the meeting, the FNF MENA team discussed several ongoing projects, including those related to human rights, economic development and political reform. The team also explored new ways to communicate with stakeholders and the public, with a focus on enhancing transparency and engaging with diverse communities.
In addition, FNF MENA held several meetings with Moroccan partners during the regional meeting to discuss potential collaboration opportunities and ways to enhance the impact of ongoing projects in the country.

"The regional meeting provided an excellent opportunity for FNF MENA to exchange ideas, share best practices, and strengthen partnerships in the region," said Jörg Dehnert Regional Director of FNF MENA. "We are committed to continuing our important work in the region and to collaborating with our partners to achieve our shared goals."

Looking ahead, FNF MENA is planning to build on the outcomes of the regional meeting to enhance its ongoing projects and collaboration with partners in the region. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of FNF MENA and its ongoing projects.