About the Location of NauHaus


The NauHaus is situated in Jabal Amman, the heart of the capital that began beating long before the Kingdom of Jordan was founded.

Jabal Amman is one of Amman’s seven major hills (“Jabal” in Arabic), with a subtle and dynamic architecture, overlooking Downtown.

 “Jabal Amman is the old town”, says Hazem Malhas, the former owner of the house that is going to become FNF MENA’s new office.

Over the decades, Jabal Amman has grown to become a cultural hub with a flair of bohemian ambience. This area is not only rich in history, but also thanks to large-scale modernization efforts, it has attracted many new businesses and institutions.

Next to popular cafes such as Shams el Balad and famous restaurants like Al Quds Falafel, hubs for start-ups and office centres have settled in the neighborhood. The German Jordanian University (GJU) just next to the “NauHaus” established its School of Architecture and Built Environment in the Shaashaa building, while the Dean’s offices are located in what used to be the Abdallieh School.

The “NauHaus” claims openness, visibility, creativity and accessibility. “We want to be seen. We want to be open to everyone,” as Dirk Kunze, our Regional Director simply puts it. A basic message embodied in a high-end office.

For FNF, Jabal Amman offers the best address to be. The location is close to downtown, close to the pulse of the street, to the realities of the city, to everyday life.

Jabal Amman is a beacon of tolerance, freethinking, and peaceful co-existence. It is a fully charged combination of social authenticity, political history, and development potential.  What better place than this for FNF MENA to position itself on the forefront as a creative platform for innovation to enhance liberalism and as a think-tank of liberal politics in Jordan and the MENA region?

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