Fake News and Hate Speech

Hate Speech

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Disinformation was already a relevant issue even before the start of the pandemic. The way we use social media and the media has a decisive influence on how our democracies are built. The following videos introduce, from a liberal perspective, two central themes: fake news and hate speech.


What is Hate Speech?

On social media, we often come across offensive, disturbing or shocking texts that are categorized as hate speech, but are they really? This video explains what hate speech is, how we can identify it, how we should handle it, and the relationship it has with freedom of expression.

Dissinformation and media freedom

What is disinformation and how does it affect us? What can be classified as disinformation? This video explains what it is, how it relates to freedom of expression, and how we can address it through public and private counter-narratives that foster public debate.