The Lebanon Papers

Remembering but how?

-by Isabel Henzler Carrascal

Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the most difficult times in history as the country is wrestling with a dire economic situation, a global pandemic and political instability.

The Lebanon Papers series therefore aims to offer an overview on the current situation in Lebanon and provide possible solutions for a better future.

Its purpose is to prevent disinformation by ensuring sound reporting while explaining the challenges as simple as possible for the information to be accessible to as many people as possible. The paper series consist of well-founded reports on different topics using political, economic and judicial perspectives in order to achieve a comprehensive coverage.

The seventh issue of the series addresses the memories of war in Lebanon. The Lebanese civil war that ignited in 1975 scarred and affected all of it's citizens regardless of religion, age or social class. This publication gives the reader insight on what happened and how is it remembered from main clashes and events to personal trauma. The goal of this study is to better educate and analyse a dark period in Lebanon's history