Conflict, Crisis, and Crimmigration?


Current unrest in the Middle East and around the world has led to an increase in global irregular immigration, which reached 200,000 in 2021, the highest since 2017. The ongoing crisis in Lebanon and its neighboring countries has led to an alarming increase in irregular migration to Europe. This increase in mobility has triggered a rise in xenophobia, allowing for the politicization of migration in destination and transit countries for migrants. Hence, there is an urgent need for accurate and reliable data about this phenomenon to find the proper solutions that can translate into adequate policies. In order to help in this regard, this paper has surveyed and tracked all irregular maritime migration attempts that start from Lebanon toward Europe by collecting accurate official data and presenting it in a transparent, easily accessible, and publicly publishable format. This research paper has also compared this data set with other information from international sources such as UNHCR, IOM, and Frontex to confidentially analyze, draw the necessary conclusions, and confirm changing trends in an effort to provide international NGOs, public institutions, the media, think tanks, and the public at large with reliable information. This will be critical in reaching sensible and rational conclusions and finding the proper solutions to a growing international problem that constantly threatens the upkeep of human rights.