Call for applications
Volunteer Coordinator (Consultancy)


FNF Jordan has recently developed a new strategy for its projects, which will be implemented from 2021 to 2023.

The strategy indicates that FNF is a creative innovation platform of freedom for society, and its mission is to appeal to specific target audiences interested in liberal solutions in Jordan who share the core values of the foundation.

FNF advises, inspires, and motivates leaders in society, and it creates, builds, and promotes subjects of freedom for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

The FNF's strategic goal is to provide the target audience with civic education training by giving them an identity, status, knowledge, skills, and network.

According to the FNF Jordan strategy, FNF aims at developing a community of volunteers in each governorate in Jordan in collaboration with the FNF's partner organizations.


If interested to apply, take a look at the (TOR)