Jerusalem Office
Request for Proposal: Research and Conference on East Jerusalem

Send in proposals until February 24th, 2022

Brief Project Overview:

The Jerusalem office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF Jerusalem) needs a service provider to conduct academic research and policy papers analyzing municipal issues and contested political, social and economic challenges existing in Jerusalem, the same as organizing bilateral meetings, a social media campaign and a public conference on developments in East Jerusalem.

Who we are

With a unique Israeli-Palestinian team, FNF Jerusalem aims to be a platform of innovation for enhancing freedom in society, strengthening dialogue with the EU and contribute to the advancement of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue leading towards peace. Together with our partners, we want to strengthen liberal values like the rule of law and democracy, the respect of human dignity with civil and human rights, market economy principles and entrepreneurship and a democratic culture of tolerance and pluralism.

Project Goals and Target Audience

Understanding Jerusalem with its unique populations, specific characteristic and conflicts is crucial for identifying policy solutions that can benefit the Israeli, Palestinian and other populations of this city. Especially research on core issues of content like the changing status quo on the Temple Mount or organizing discussions with diverse audiences in the city can help to deepen such understanding. While the audiences of the discussions and conference can be limited to experts and interested citizens, the resulting policy recommendations in the form of policy papers should reach political decision makers and a social media campaign about individual stories of East-Jerusalemites should reach broader audiences.  

Scope of Work and Deliverables

We need a service provider specialized in the complex political and social economic situation of Jerusalem, that during the year 2022 can provide high quality academic/policy research about the changing status quo around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and based on the research can produce a policy paper, with its policy conclusions, which should be fact and problem oriented. In addition, the service provider needs to be able to plan, organize and moderate a minimum of five public zoom events (1.5-2 hours). As well as convening Jewish and Arab experts, practitioners, municipal and community leaders to discuss new developments, trends and challenges in Jerusalem with the aim of finding solutions for existing problems and by that improving the living conditions of the city’s residents.  In addition, the service provider should conduct one bigger public conference high lightening and discussing a selected aspect of East-Jerusalem’s complex reality. Finally, the service provider should also plan and conduct a social media campaign with individual stories from East Jerusalem.

Criteria for Selection, Timeline and Budget

We expect you to send a proposal including price offers for:

  1. One research paper – and resulting policy paper on the changing status quo on the Temple Mount.
  2. One additional similar research as per request on a selected aspect of East Jerusalem (also with resulting policy paper).
  3. For a series of 5 bilateral public zoom events discussing, analyzing the new developments, trends and challenges in the city boundaries of Jerusalem with experts and practitioners.
  4. One bigger public conference on developments in the complex reality in East Jerusalem.
  5. One  Social Media campaign portraying individual stories of East Jerusalem.

Deadline for submission is February 24th, 2022

Please send to Joanna Kamel at

Please send us your relevant credentials to provide these services. We will then select according to the criteria of the ability and quality to provide such services and price.