Jerusalem Office
Request for Proposal: Cartoon Mascots and Graphic Design

Send in proposals untill February 28th, 2022

Brief Project Overview:

The Jerusalem office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF Jerusalem) needs unique designs, including mascots, to visualize values and identity of its unique team and value-based activities in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Who we are

With a unique Israeli-Palestinian team FNF Jerusalem aims to be a platform of innovation for enhancing freedom in society, strengthening dialogue with the EU and contribute to the advancement of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue leading towards peace. Together with our partners, we want to strengthen liberal values like the rule of law and democracy, the respect of human dignity with civil and human rights, market economy principles and entrepreneurship and a democratic culture of tolerance and pluralism.

Project Goals and Target Audience

While FNF Jerusalem is mainly known through its strong Israeli and Palestinian partners, it wants to improve its own visual brand recognition, with one visual identity especially targeted towards young adults on both sides. Representing liberal values cartoon mascots and designs should then be usable to improve virtual and physical visuals of different projects, from social media posts to branding materials.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

We need creative, fresh and attractive drawings in a consistent style that match the general branding of FNF (materials given on request). We want the drawings in “hipster”- esthetics that match an innovative startup environment the same as a creative NGO environment caring for liberal values. 

Concretely we want the following drawings:

  • A cartoonish silhouette of a Jerusalem skyline in FNF color code Blue and Magenta (see design-link above) that can be added to all branded materials including roll-ups and website
  • 10 drawings symbolizing our work with three cartoon birds: a dove, a Palestine sunbird (Palestinian national bird) and a Hoopoe (Israel’s national bird) in different interactions (demonstrating together, typing in a laptop, shaking wings with each other, the dove spreading its wings like an angel, etc.)
  • A group cartoon drawing of the FNF Jerusalem team (will provide you with photos) with the three birds that can be used as a postcard or background picture on social media

Criteria for Selection, Timeline and Budget

We expect you to send a sketch of the three birds (see above) in some interaction with each other - together with a cost proposal for above described drawings.

Deadline for submission is February 28th, 2022

Please send to Joanna Kamel at

You can also add or link other works of yours to support your proposal. We will then select according to the most appealing sketches and within a reasonable price-range.