Countdown to Christmas
24 - Peace

IAF - 24
  • Peace is a lot more than the mere absence of war or a longer lasting ceasefire or what is called a frozen conflict.
  • Peace is not the opposite of conflict, as conflict is the existence of different and competing needs, goals or ideas and a necessary ingredient of free individuals in an open society.
  • Peace is the will to uphold principles such as tolerance, non-coercion, voluntariness and reasonableness, and can only be achieved and enjoyed when a conflict or war ends in a situation where these principles can and may be upheld by people. It cannot, therefore, coincide with submission to force and coercion.
  • Peace is also a prerequisite for prosperity and progress in our societies.

Gift Idea

IAF - Peace Gift Idea

This gift is recommended to all those who want to spread the necessary reminder that far too many people and peoples still do not have the opportunity to live a peaceful life. The bracelet is also great for reminding yourself to be your best, tolerant and reasonable self even in stressful conflict situations. What a wonderful Christmas it would be if the war and fear mongers of today would do the same!

Bettina Solinger

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