Online Exhibition: Journeys - Inspiring Stories of Migration in Europe

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Few topics have been as divisive in recent years as migration. Be it in Parliament or at the dinner table. We read about it in the news, we distinguish true reporting from populist click-bait, we create and share narratives about the lives and faits of others. Yet, all too often we focus on the negative, the plight of being forced or compelled to leave a homeland, to forge a living elsewhere. These stories are of suffering, pain and separation as a result of migration and subsequent integration. Only rarely do the positive stories of migration and aspects of these stories reach the surface. We close our eyes and hearts to the rich and beautiful stories that take place. 

The FNF European Dialogue Brussels and MEP Jan-Christoph Oetjen (Renew Europe) sought out to change the narrative. We invited people to share their stories of migration with us at "Journeys: Inspiring Stories of Migration". The project is a friendly competition that aims to spread a more positive message about the many women and men who arrived in Europe. Stories of people who made a real difference to their societies, the lives of the people around them and who have made Europe their new home.

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In 2020 we set out a Europe-wide call to hear your stories. The participation rules were simple: Anyone who arrived in their country of residence from any other country as a migrant or refugee after the age of 16 could participate. Many followed our call and shared their stories with us, which you can explore in our new digital exposition, which you can find here. Have a look around the room and discover their stories by clicking on the different portraits.


We want to thank all participants for letting us in on their stories, their lives and experiences on their journeys. Join Jan-Christoph Oetjen, Renew Europe and the European Dialogue office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Brussels, who hope to change the narrative around the topic of migration in Europe.