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Debate School in Peru

The 2022 Debate School activities, which took place in the cities of Ica, Huanuco and Lima, culminated with higher expectations.
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With the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation - Andean Countries, University of San Martín de Porres - Lima, National University Hermilio Valdizán - Huánuco, Instituto Superior Tecnológico Catalina Buendía de Pecho - Ica, Regional Government of Ica, Regional Youth Council - Ica, the activities programmed for the year 2022 of Debate School in Peru culminated with great success. This initiative, organized by the Debate Institute, succeeded in training more than 200 young university and youth organization leaders from different parts of Peru in critical thinking.

XI Debate School - Ica 2022

The activities in Ica were held at the Catalina Buendía de Pecho Institute and at the Regional Government of Ica from September 7 to 10, with the participation of more than 70 young students and youth organizations.

Mr. Javier Gallegos Barrientos, Regional Governor of Ica, who congratulated the event's organization, regretted to see few initiatives such as Debate School and highlighted the need to involve more young people in these necessary practices to achieve new and better leaders with "better criteria and solutions".

After an intense 4-day journey, youth leaders from the Regional Youth Council - Ica, and outstanding students from the Catalina Buendía de Pecho Higher Technological Institute - Ica, were trained in argumentation, methodologies for fallacies recognition, objection, among many other topics related to the strengthening and practice of debate and critical thinking.

During the closing ceremony, the President of the Regional Youth Council - Ica, Jesús Peña Vílchez thanked the cooperating institutions such as: Debate Institute and Friedrich Naumann Foundation - Andean Countries, for making this initiative in favor of Ica's youth a reality.

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Líderes juveniles del Consejo Regional de la Juventud – Ica, y estudiantes del Instituto Superior Tecnológico Catalina Buendía de Pecho – Ica participan de los talleres de capacitación en Escuela Debate.

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XII Debate School - Huanuco 2022

Dr. Pedro Pablo Saquicoray Avila, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University Hermilio Valdizán of Huanuco present at the Opening Ceremony of the XII Debate School.

In Huanuco, the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University Hermilio Valdizán received young people from different districts of eastern Peru from September 27 to 29. The inauguration of the XII Debate School was attended by the Dean of this prestigious university, Dr. Pedro Pablo Saquicoray Avila, who applauded the initiative and highlighted its importance as a complementary practice to the formal education currently offered by universities.

This edition was attended by young leaders from #Lambayeque #Junin #Ucayali #Cajamarca #Loreto #Lima #Pasco #Tacna who after an intense day of debates strengthened oratory and critical thinking skills, in addition to competing to define the best team and best speaker through a debate tournament under the Zig-zag format.

At the end of the day, the intention is to establish an agreement for the creation of a university debate society that will allow more debate activities organized by the students themselves, replicate the practice and promote efforts to add more young debaters in the eastern part of Peru.

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XIII Debate School - Lima 2022 and IV Annual National Tournament - Peru

The University of San Martin de Porres hosted the XIII edition of the Debate School and IV Annual National Debate Tournament, an event that took place from November 23 to 25 at the Law School.

The welcoming speech was given by Marcos Sarmiento who, in a brief but concise speech, thanked all the participants for their presence in this important academic event. Félix Quijandría highlighted the importance of the USMP Law Debate Houses as a cradle of future political leaders for the country.

In this line Joel Rosales highlighted the dissemination of ideas and that these converge in a platform of high debate, likewise he evoked his passage through the classrooms of USMP Law; in the same way Joesé Luis Feliciano Chipana commended the promotion of these debate platforms that enrich the exchange of views among students. 

Finally, Ernesto Alvarez Miranda emphasized that University of San Martin de Porres since 2014 is making efforts to train lawyers who can be leaders through dialogue in their respective areas, likewise stressed that today's professionals must have a high level communication skills remarking that a training evoked to deep reading will sculpt the leaders of the future.

To date, Debate School has developed with great success: 07 on-site and 06 virtual events, from which more than 1500 young people have graduated from countries such as: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Spain. The program of activities for 2023 is being planned, motivated by several requests from the graduates themselves interested in taking this good citizenship practice to as many places as possible.

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Media coverage

Debate School built expectation during 2022. The press covered the most important moments:

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  • Inauguration of the XII Debate School in Huanuco. Welcome speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizan de Huánuco in Debate School.
  • Inauguration of the XIII Debate School in Lima. Welcome speech by the Dean of the Faculty of Law - USMP, Dr. Ernesto Álvarez, former President of the Constitutional Court:

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