Human Rights
FNF Human Rights Academy

FNF's Contribution to Human Rights in Turkey

Following lengthy discussions with its partners from academia and the civil society sector, the FNF Turkey Office decided to help develop and spread human rights knowledge in Turkey. The first step was to establish the Human Rights Academy and provide human rights education for those people who have received little or no human rights education prior to their application to the Academy’s programs.

Since January 2020, many participants from all over Turkey have received training with beginner, advanced and thematic courses; they became a part of the Academy by participating in forums, workshops and other activities.

The HRA received a demand from its partners and graduates of the HRA to form a pool of experts from academia to provide guidance up to master’s level and doctoral students in the field of human rights for their dissertation writing process. The “graduate mentorship program”. MEANWHILE, the HRA is expanding its contact with academia to meet this demand and create a platform for one to one consultancy and research meetings for human rights graduate students.

The FNF HRA is taking further steps to institutionalize its efforts in human rights capacity building. Since December 2020, a new board of advisors from various sectors has been established.

Already in its first year the HRA has gained recognition as one of the leading human rights institutes in Turkey, providing human rights training through its highly professional programs and activities.

The approach of the HRA is “human rights law-led” but informed by other disciplinary perspectives. Its interdisciplinary character is shown by the focus of the course programs, selection of the participants, the background of the trainers, subjects of the public events and the methodology used during the activities.

For more information, you can visit the Academy’s webpage.