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Human rights films
Close up videographer with medikal mask looking through the viewfinder on video camera. © Shutterstock

On the evening of 30 March, human rights activists across the sub-Saharan Africa region took part in the hosting of a virtual human rights videos watch party by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

The exhibition was on five human rights short-films that were produced by FNF Africa between 2018 and 2020. The films profile various human rights issues in the region such as human trafficking, corruption, persecution of journalists, LGBT+ rights violations and violence towards women by men. 

The plan was to have a physical exhibition of the films, however this had to change because of COVID-19. This online viewing was not just be a sit-in, eat pop-corn and get shocked experience. The viewers had the opportunity to give short digital reviews of the films as the viewing progressed.

The activists were able to engage and share their own country experiences on the issue of human rights. FNF Africa has put together a report from the event based on the insights shared by the activists on the films and on their own personal experiences as human rights activists. 


A maverick journalist must survive unimaginable pain at the hands of a brutal interrogator in order to protect a valuable source and expose a murderous dictator. © Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom


An LGBT activist is kidnapped and forced to dig her own grave by a ruthless secret policeman working for a bigoted politician who's hellbent on bringing back the death sentence for homosexuality. © Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom


A crime-thriller about a newlywed couple whose honeymoon takes a violent turn when they refuse to bribe a corrupt cop. © Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

African violet

African Violet - A tenacious journalist uses an interview to ambush a renowned businessman with evidence of his sordid double life and his involvement in child sex trafficking. © Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Significant other

A documentary about a successful businesswoman who endured 8 years of abuse by her narcissistic husband. Even though she escaped her abuser, the long-term effects on her physical and emotional well-being have been devastating. © Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom