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Ti Panagbaliw ti Dalan Ko Policy Hackathon
Ti Panagbaliw ti Dalan Ko Policy Hackathon © FNF Philippines

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Philippines supports local transport initiatives that contribute to the realization of a people-centric mobility system, and ultimately, to building sustainable smart cities. Promoting alternative modes of transport, and identifying efficient transport infrastructure that integrates technology are central in the efforts to achieve smart mobility.

Ti Pinagbaliw Ti Dalan Ko (Changing My Course) Policy Hackathon is a new project organized by FNF Philippines, in partnership with the National Movement of Young Legislators Region 2, to bring out new ideas, and present tangible solutions to transport woes. It aims to address policy gaps in the transport system particularly those that impact the environment, and affect freedom of movement. The hackathon will allow individuals and/or groups to collaborate and develop innovative policy solutions, and will provide a platform where they can present their recommendations to legislators, local chief executives, and lobby groups who might potentially adopt them to become bills or ordinances. 

Recognizing the differing levels of transport issues in the country, and understanding the value of local groundwork that applies the bottom-up approach, FNF Philippines brings the project to Region 2! A geographic focus would result in a more distinct output where specific problems are identified, realistic analysis are offered, and practical solutions are presented.

Submit your Policy Hacks!

If you are a transport sector advocate, researcher, a member of a lobby group, or a student, submit your entry and present tangible recommendations to improve Region 2’s local transport system.

Participate as an individual or a group, develop innovative policy solutions from your own problem statement, and enhance your policy hacks through a series of coaching sessions. You will also have the opportunity to pitch your ideas to legislators, local chief executives, and lobby groups who might potentially adapt them to become bills or local ordinances. One of the top five hacks will be selected to receive additional funding for further policy development.

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Deadline of submission is on 19 September 2021

  • Download the information sheet for the full mechanics! 

For queries, please contact Eunikkoh Castillo via mobile at +63 920 915 8428 or via email at eunikkoh.castillo@freiheit.org


23 August 2021 - Ti Pinagbaliw Ti Dalan Ko (Ang Pagbabago ng Daan ko) Policy Hackathon Launch

08 October 2021 – Deadline of Submission

12 October 2021 – Announcement of Top 10 Policy Hacks

15 October 2021 – Top 10 Policy Hacks Pitching / Announcement of Top 5 Hacks

18 – 21 October 2021 - Policy Hacks Coaching Sessions

22 October 2021 – Final Pitch / Announcement of Top Policy Hack