Post Corona: Humans’ Challenge toward a New Future?

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On November 27th, an on-offline hybrid conference was held under the theme of "Post Corona: Humans' Challenge toward a New Future?" co-hosted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) and the Hybrid Future Culture Institute.

The corona crisis is having a massive impact on human life. Therefore, this conference, which predicts and discusses the direction and measures of humanity's response to events that may cause a total change in human society, has a great sense of time.

It is composed of presentations by scholars in various related fields such as future humanities, business administration, social welfare studies, and administrative law. Starting with a keynote lecture by Professor Lee Jong-gwan of Sungkyunkwan University, Professor Kim Jong-gyu of Ulsan University, Professor Lee Won-jun of Sungkyunkwan University, Professor Jeon Hoon of Kyungpook National University, and Professor Hong Kyung-jun of Sungkyunkwan University gave presentations.

The event was conducted safely while strictly following the COVID-19 prevention guidelines. The event was streamed in real-time on the YouTube channel of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation's Korea Office and can be viewed again.

YouTube Video