Balanced Regional Development Plan: Decentralization and Revitalization of Local Economy



On Friday the 27th of October, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Korea Office and the Center for Local Autonomy at Hanyang University held the international seminar on "Balanced Regional Development Plan: Decentralization and Revitalization of Local Economy," co-organized by the Graduate School of Public Policy Hanyang University and Chungju city.

The participants were Korean experts and local government officials to learn about the current status of Korean local autonomy. The keynote speech was delivered by the Mayor of Chungju City, Mr. Gil-hyung Cho, before the start of the four presentations by local and international speakers from Germany and Switzerland. At the end of each session followed a discussion panel from Professors and local government officials.

The first session covered presentations by Mr. Seong-ho Ahn, an Emeritus Professor at Daejeon University on Decentralization and Bicameral Constitution Reform, and Mr. Robert Franke, the Director of Economic Development Office Dresden on the regional economic revitalization policies with a case study on Dresden.

During the second session, Mr. Marc Brovenschulte, the Head of Department Demography, Clusters and Foresight at the Innovation and Technology Institute, focused on distributing resources and functions between the central and local government on a German example. Mr. Robert Nef, the former Chairman of Liberal Institute, held the last presentation in which he shed light on the distribution of functions and resources between the central and local governments by presenting a Swiss case study.

Both discussion panels subsequently to each session were very interactive and engaging with the presenters. The audience and the local government officials presented comments and asked in-depth questions for almost an hour. It thus enabled a forum to elaborate potential ways for further enhance decentralization and balanced regional development policies in Korea.

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