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The world is not going through its first pandemic or global crisis, but the repercussions of the Coronavirus on all levels of life are catastrophic. Humans are not meant to remain on a permanent lockdown, and despite governments doing what they can to aid their citizens cope with this virus, there has to be a more tangible long-lasting solution. Human liberties are compromised, and people are accepting this due to the exceptional circumstances, but democracy and individual freedom should always be among top priorities.

The world is acclimating through technology and MENA is following suit, but the Covid-19 pandemic has particularly affected an already worn out MENA region devastated by different types of wars and uprisings. This is why we have organized this first innovation in politics competition that allows for innovative MENA individuals and groups to make the change they want to see in their region.

All you need to know about the timeline, categories, criteria, and basically improving your region and signing up to join the community is found at ivalues.innovationinpolitics.eu.

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