Malaysia Liberalism Survey 2020

Malaysia Liberalism Survey 2020
© Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash 
Malaysia Liberalism Survey 2020
© FNF Malaysia 

The results reflected from this survey shows that 22% understand Liberalism, 76% did not understand liberalism, there is slightly increasing number from last year, which is 21% understand Liberalism and 77% did not understand liberalism

The respondents have the opinion that liberalism is a bad concept, albeit that they agree that i.e. democracy would be the best form of government for Malaysia; every citizen should be equal before the law; and that most of them agree that they should be able to freely choose the way to live their lives.

However, differing opinions from the respondents with regards to the involvement of the government in the economy sector. The majority of the respondents believe that Malaysia still needs the government to play a big role in helping the economy and to create jobs.

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