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What do we learn from the crisis? How digital can and must education be? How can the modernisation of state and economy succeed? What does the Europe of the future look like? We are looking for answers: Discuss new ideas with us in the coming weeks in events and on the web.


FNF Masterclass The future of education

Each week, a new video is published on a different focus. Each video will be accompanied by a live event in the same week with interesting panellists on the respective topics.

Masterclass Zukunft der Bildung

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Success Factors of the Social Market Economy

Success Factors of the Social Market Economy

The analysis describes the historical development of the social market economy and its basic characteristics. The special role of smaller and medium-sized companies (the Mittelstand) and family businesses is also examined. The aim is to contribute to an understanding of the German "economic miracle" (German Wirtschaftswunder) and the economic order behind it – also against the background of the manifold state interventions during the Corona crisis.