Migration Crisis

Documentary “Life, flourishes again…Hope has the power to transcend all disasters”

Migration is increasingly becoming a challenge to European integration. The so-called “crisis” is primarily a crisis of deficient migration management. It creates political conflicts on the transnational, national, and local levels. Tailoring integration strategies to local contexts while maintaining a coherent European approach is particularly challenging. Local communities are the first to deal systematically with incoming migrants. Migrants’ experiences at local levels determine their long-term integration. Local communities fulfil immense tasks during the integration process. However, they play a limited role in related policy debates and decision-making.

The “European Cities Network on Migration” aims at strengthening migration management along with liberal principles through a transnational network of local communities. As the main aim of the project, local community stakeholders cooperate to share experiences and practices regarding the integration of migrants, and they develop inclusive, sustainable common policies based on European principles.

As part of the project, experts from Turkey, Greece, Germany and Spain conducted a study to analyze the general situation and migration policies. It is clear that these four countries have been affected by the wave of irregular migration and asylum that began after May 2011. Therefore, the main topics centre on refugees, asylum-seekers, and irregular migrants’ numbers and demographics, status, education, and economic integration, as well as legal regulations and the role played by local administrations, social acceptance and social cohesion processes, cooperation with the EU, and the EU’s refugee policies. Below you can find the publication “From Emergency to Joint Future”.

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