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Sustainability Week 2: At home & on the move

The Future of Urban Living & Mobility
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Resource stability, eco-friendly production, and a balance between healthy market dynamics and sustainable consumption - all of these are topical concerns in both European markets and policymaking, and they are in dire need of more liberal voices and perspectives.

The European Dialogue Programme (EDP) of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom launches a series of three digital Sustainability Weeks, to be held during the second half of 2021, which will be  dedicated to aspects around sustainability and the economy with a particular focus on circular economy models. Each week will be composed of one IMPULSE session, where we explore the topic through a panel discussion and a DEEP DIVE session, in which experts and stakeholders will be able to network and discuss different aspects in depth.

In our second Sustainabiltiy Week we will be looking at climate-friendly transport, sustainable living conditions, durable building materials under changing climate conditions, and the need for harmonisation between different speeds of development throughout the EU, or even in single regions:  the sustainable development of urban spaces challenges markets, policymakers, and businesses as well as the urban population in general. How do we ensure that our cities are both climate-proof and striving economically? What opportunities for sustainable urban living do new technologies offer? How do urban infrastructures need to adapt in the on-going process? Liberal voices are called to action to investigate the opportunities between market dynamics, regulation, and innovation.

Impulse: The Future of Urban Living & Mobility
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We start the second part of the series with our IMPULSE session again: This format is designed to foster knowledge building and to explore the liberal potential of cleaner technologies, less polluting business models and sustainable consumption habits.

Don't miss out on our inspiring Spotlights on Liberals in Sustainability:

The Smart City of Oulu Example: Urban connectivity in the area of transport and logistics by Mirja Vehkaperä, Chairwoman of the City Board of Oulu, European Committee of the Regions (Centre Party, Renew Europe Group),


The Sustainable City of Madrid: Insights into Innovative Urban Projects by Santiago Saura, City Councilor, Municipality of Madrid (Ciudadanos, Renew Europe Group)

After the presentation, we will hold a panel discussion with five outstanding experts in the field: Adrian Heyer (Head of European Building Policy Division, German Construction Industry Federation - HDB e.V.), Stephan Petermann (Founder, MANN Consulting; Editor-in-Chief at Volume, Archis), Sarah Hillmann (Senior Manager Raw Materials and Space, Federal of German Industries), Amélie Sophie Salau (Environmental Policy Director, European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA)) and Dr. Markus Zimmer (Senior Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Economist, Allianz Research).

The session will be rounded off with a virtual speed networking session, which gives participants the opportunity to make new contacts and/or renew existing relationships in the interactive web tool


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    Check out the invitation for the full programme and list of speakers.

Meet Our Speakers
Meet Our Speakers
Deep Dive: The Future of Urban living and Mobility
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Our IMPULSE session got you thinking and you can't wait to bring your own ideas to the table?

Our DEEP DIVE interactive stakeholder networking session aims at exchanging knowledge and fostering connections between participants, Circular Café style. Here we are bringing together professionals who deal with aspects of sustainability and/or the circular economy and who wish to collect ideas, exchange positions and share perspectives around these themes. We particularly welcome policy makers, representatives of associations, organisations, and institutions as well as think tankers, representatives of public and privately owned companies and other stakeholders from the local, regional, and European level to join this session!

You will have the chance to join one of the three following virtual tables:

Table 1: What infrastructure does clean mobility require in cities and their surrounding areas across Europe? What are the challenges bridging expectations of individual users, regional governments, and logistics industries in providing the necessary infrastructure?

Host: Balázs Németh, Project Manager Urban Mobility, POLIS Network/President, Momentum Mozgalom Brussels


Table 2: How to bring the construction sector in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change? What solutions for emission mitigation (energy efficiency, fuel switching, clinker substitution and innovative technologies) are most promising in the race towards the sector’s decarbonisation?

Host: Karl Thies, Policy Officer Economic & Legal Affairs, European Construction Industry Federation


Table 3: What kind of digital solutions do urban infrastructure require? What are the specific digital challenges of rapidly growing, digitally connected metropolitan areas?

Host: Julian Lasinger, Assistant to MEP Andreas Glück (Renew Europe)



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  • Check out the invitation for the full programme and list of speakers.

    Check out the invitation for the full programme and list of speakers.

Meet Our Table Hosts
Meet Our Table Hosts

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