Eyes on France - video series on the French Council Presidency 2022

Eyes on France Vol. 1


In our first episode, European Affairs Manager Jeanette Süß talks to Dominique Reynié, director general of the French liberal and pro-european Think Tank Fondation pour l’Innovation Politique. He advocates for a European public opinion institution under the auspices of the European Parliament that would complement existing tools like the Eurobarometer in order to provide data on how European relate to issues such as climate change, civil liberties or big tech. You can find more detailed proposals in the Fondapol policy paper (in French) here.

In our second episode, Pascale Joannin, executive director of the French foundation Robert Schuman talks about France’s priorities within the Council Presidency and about the active role civil society should play to accompany the political process, highly predetermined by the EU working agenda of the Commission. (To be published soon)