Female Forward International: The Grimke sisters

© Photo: FNF Argentina & Paraguay

In this third installment of our Female Forward video series, the protagonists are two sisters, Sarah and Angelina Grimke, pioneers of the abolitionist campaign in the United States of America.

Now, we ask ourselves: By the way it is evident that "The Grimke sisters" were prominent figures in their time, but beyond the historical curiosity, where does the reality of their message lie? Why dedicate a complete video to them in this series? Alba Pérez Romero, producer of this series, produced by the Naumann Foundation together with the González Foundation of the Republic of Paraguay, responds to us: “Well, basically, they should be remembered because Sarah and Angelina Grimke perceived, as children, with powerful intuition first and with clear reason later, the difference between what is fair and what is legal. And this is fully manifested in a childhood anecdote that the video itself recounts, and that even put his family at legal risk.

And furthermore, Sarah and Angelina were not satisfied with a limited, “domestic” preaching, but went out to defend their ideas in the public sphere, learned public speaking and ended up captivating their audiences with forceful arguments that at the same time “uncovered conceptual veils” they also conquered the hearts of their listeners. They were not afraid of debate or confrontation. Even in the face of hostile crowds.

And they are valuable because they also continued all their lives studying, researching, writing. Because they never stopped living as authentic liberal women and with this they transmit resilience and hope to us. " To them then, the tribute of this video.

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