Ten Years of the Academy of Liberal Politics


The first Academy of Liberal Politics (ALP) began in February 2012 and lasted until June of the same year. The biggest structural change that has taken place since then has certainly been the introduction of a two-semester programme starting with the fourth generation of students in 2014. From then until today, ten generations of exceptional students from all over Serbia have passed through our academy.

The ALP very quickly became much more than the usual education and research programme. As we adapted and improved the structure, thematic units and programme, we ourselves sought what we thought was a desirable balance: a harmony between offering the highest quality theoretical knowledge, strengthening students´ analytical and research capacities, focusing on broader intellectual areas of arts and culture on the one hand, and on the other providing contacts, mentoring, academic and professional guidance and entry into the world of business opportunities and education.

The tenth jubilee of the Academy of Liberal Politics was shaped by the unexpected circumstances of the Corona virus pandemic, with the entire programme conducted online. The speed and ease with which the students adapted to this way of working, while maintaining a high level of commitment, dedication and focus, is certainly something that has marked this challenging time for us.