Mediterranean Dialogue
Tackling Migration Issues - European Network of Liberal Experts


At FNF Madrid, earlier this month we hosted a meeting with migration experts from Renew Europe, the liberal caucus in the European Parliament (EP), and from ALDE (Alliance of of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party), the pan-European liberal party family. We aim at creating a network of liberal policy makers and experts in order to harmonize proposals and political action addressing migration issues.

Representatives from the RENEW Caucus in the EP, from En Marche (France), Ciudadanos (Spain), Iniciativa Liberal (Portugal), Free Democrats (Germany), NEOS (Austria) and D66 (The Netherlands) came together online to determine issues where party proposals take a similar stance. We identified several core proposals such as the establishment of legal pathways for economic migration and temporary work visas, among others. Human rights protection, economic growth and secure borders are some of the, sometimes conflicting, policy goals - priorities depend on geography and the political economies at home. Our first step is a joint action plan for dialogue events in 2021 and beyond, including even more European countries in the future.

Migration is one of the strategic pillars of the FNF Madrid office, which aims at solutions for the Mediterranean region but also at fostering dialogue and promote liberal solutions to one of the world´s mega trends in Europe.