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Please find here the overview about all IAF seminars we offer in 2021.  

Interested applicants should submit the application package (see list below) to with the subject heading "Application: <Title of Seminar>" on or before 04:00 p.m on the day of the deadline of applications. 

1) Completed IAF Registration Form.
2) Letter of Intent (addressed to the FNF PH Country Director) 
3) Scanned copy of the passport details page 
4) Updated CV 

Due to the current pandemic situation this programme may be subject to change and details will be adapted according to the given situation. Please contact us in case of any questions

  • By using “big data” and digitalization our cities can turn into smart cities and help us to manage today’s and future challenges of growing cities in fields such as administration, urban planning, environment, economic development and others. Transparency, citizen’s rights, participation, and better decision making should be among the advantages of smarter cities as well. Which are the key elements of a smart city? Is it enough to digitalise infrastructure to make a city a smart one? Or is a city smart when it caters to the needs of its citizens while using resources and technology as efficient as possible? We will explore these questions after reflecting on the evolution of cities, the process of urbanisation, the advantages and disadvantages of living together in cities to get a deeper understanding from a liberal and philosophical perspective. What would liberals demand from a city to call it smart?

    Target Group
    Politicians, City Planner, Architects, Engineers, Technologists, Artists with liberal disposition, Representatives of liberal NGOs and citizen groups who are working on improving local government (systems).

    • Smart Cities

      Download the abstract with all detailed information here (pdf).

  • No one is born a leader but can potentially grow into one. Enthusiasm and/or a strong course are important for politicians, but knowing one’s unique strengths, grooming leadership skills, improving communication and presence are key to succeed to the top. This seminar is crafted to support young and enthusiastic liberals to successfully follow their ambitions and to grow into leadership positions. Participants will leave inspired and with new international contacts woven into their own network.

    Target Group
    Young Leaders and high potentials from liberal parties and NGOs.

    • Leadership for Young Leaders: Coping with a Changing World

      Download the abstract with all detailed information here (pdf).

  • The protection of human and civil rights is not an exclusive task for lawyers and activists but for all citizens and especially functionaries from politics, business, media and society. This seminar will provide the basics of the legal framework and instruments and highlight the most important areas where human rights violations occur, sometimes unnoticed. The second part will be dedicated to develop and discuss policy approaches towards the promotion of a broader understanding of and respect for human rights in the different areas.

    Target Group
    Representatives from political parties, the economic sector, NGOs and media.

    • Defending Human & Civil Rights in Society and Business

      Download the abstract with all detailed information here (pdf).

  • In most countries, liberal political parties are not able to govern alone and especially in illiberal environments, liberal forces - parties and NGOs - are often small. Influencing decision-making through coalitions and strategic partnerships might be a promising approach to implement at least some liberal policies. Being able to govern and thus being more visible in public may be good reasons for political parties to join a coalition and an opportunity to grow. However, many liberals fear losing identity or being marginalized in a coalition. Such questions show that power arrangements and coalition politics require caution and skilful handling.

    Target Group
    Leadership personnel of liberal political parties and liberal organisations close to them, political consultants.

    • Coalition Building and Strategic Partnership

      Download the abstract with all detailed information here (pdf).

  • Response to common criticisms of free markets and their underlying foundation: economic freedom. The focus will be on the environment that markets and entrepreneurs require in order to function in an optimum manner and on policies that might help to open and develop markets, with a focus on good governance, free trade, legal measures (including anti-trust measures, if deemed necessary), privatization and deregulation. Special questions will be how to help people develop an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take risks. What kinds of incentives encourage entrepreneurship? Are subsidies for start-ups a good or a bad idea? And we will examine economic policies in light of the COVID-19 situation/aftermath: Could measures like national industrial policies help to overcome problems economies face around the world?

    Target Group
    Young leaders in positions of responsibility from political parties, the legal profession, civic initiatives, the media, and the civil administration as well as entrepreneurs or representatives of business associations who are liberal in outlook and have a basic knowledge of what liberalism is.

    Apply here:

    Upload the ff supporting documents: CV, Letter of Intent, Passport details page.

    Deadline - 2 March 2022, 6:00 PM Manila time.

    • The Future of Market Economy: Challenges and Threats

      Download the abstract with all detailed information here (pdf).