Request for Quotation
Request for Quotations for “Sprout: Growing Green Entrepreneurs”


Deadline to apply: Thursday, 27th of April 2023

Project overview:

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Lebanon is looking for a service provider to design, supervise, and implement the “Sprout: Growing Green Entrepreneurs” project. The main tasks would include (but are not limited to): designing the curriculum of the Sprout training program, launching the call for applications, handling participants’ selection, recruiting relevant trainers and mentors, providing technical expertise for the workshops and training sessions, organizing the demo day, and handling admin tasks.



The main objective of Sprout’s pre-accelerator program is to help young entrepreneurs apply green design principles and direct their entrepreneurial solutions to become consciously and intentionally ‘Green Businesses’. By joining Sprout and completing the program, early-stage entrepreneurs will be better equipped with the knowledge to design green businesses and can move on to apply to green incubation programs.


Scope of work:

The service provider will have to carry out the Sprout: Growing Green Entrepreneurs Program, which focuses on green entrepreneurship by recruiting participants with viable business ideas and assisting them in turning those ideas into businesses. The service provider should be in charge of developing the content of the project, including designing the curriculum of the training program, as well as bringing in experienced trainers/mentors/coaches and establishing the project's timeframe and agenda with a realistic timetable for activities. In addition, the team lead will be responsible of the communication and outreach to participants, along with the monitoring, assessment, and evaluation of the program. They will also supervise the launch of the call for applications and handle participants' selection process. In addition, they will carry out all administrative and logistical tasks related to this project. Furthermore, the service provider will be responsible for the implementation of the overall program, from recruitment of teams to the final competition (i.e. demo day).



The “Sprout: Growing Green Entrepreneurs” project will run from May 2023 to November 2023.


Criteria for selection:

If interested, please send a quotation including a detailed budget breakdown for the design and implementation of the Sprout pre-accelerator program. The services need to include constant follow up and a proper reporting mechanism to FNF Lebanon.


The deadline for submission is Thursday, 27th of April 2023.

Please send your proposal/quotations to and to

Feel free to share with us samples of similar projects that you have conducted in the past. The selection criteria will focus on your knowledge, expertise, and ability to implement the project we have in mind, as well as the price.