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14 - Private Property

IAF - 14

14 - Private Property

  • The guarantee of private property is one of the fundamental tasks of the state and at the same time a necessary condition for the protection of individual freedom. Private property enables people to assume responsibility and realize their own life plans.
  • Contrary to a widespread assumption, private ownership is not opposed to solidarity and social responsibility - the opposite is true. Individual ownership is the only way to act in accordance with one's own moral ideas without doing so at the expense of others.
  • Property rights include the sole power of disposition of an object and, associated with this, the prohibition for all others to appropriate or use it without the owner's consent. Clear assignment of property rights is one of the essential foundations for peaceful coexistence and a defense mechanism against excessive state influence on individual decisions.

Gift Idea

14 - Padlock

Property needs to be protected. There are various instruments for this - locks are one of them. They are used to protect objects from the access of others and thus enable one's own use. They also make it possible to hide Christmas gifts from all those who are too curious until the time of giving presents. At the same time, mechanical padlocks are left in many places today as a symbol of love and strong personal relationships.

Sascha Tamm