Balkan Dialogue
2nd Balkan Forum between Greece-North Macedonia | 26-29 August

Balkan Dialogue
© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece

The 2nd Youth Balkan Forum between Greece and North Macedonia is coming up this week, 26-29 August, in Halkidiki.

It is organized by the Prespes Agreement Observatory, a research unit founded by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, and the European Policy Institute-Skopje.

This workshop aims to bring together young individuals from both countries, who are willing to talk, understand the other and construct a framework which prioritizes and builds trust between the two societies. Thus, this is a civil society oriented forum and it is the sequel of the first Dialogue Program that took place in Skopje, in August 2019. We aspire to give it permanent character, facilitating dialogue among tomorrow’s leaders in every field of social life.

The Forum will host distinguished academics and experts who will help us have an informed and well documented discussion. In addition, focus groups led by an experienced trainers are incorporated in the agenda. Participants will work in mixed groups and will be asked to discuss and analyse the prospects of bilateral cooperation, with the objective of presenting a consolidated set of policy proposals.

The activity is supported by Young Liberals Greece, LiDeM, Youth Alliance Krusevo and South East Europe in Action. Our media sponsor is Balkans in-site.