Chad April 2021 Elections
Campaigns for elections on 10 April kick off in CHAD

Chad elections

Campaigns for elections on 10 April kick off in CHAD. President Idriss Déby of Chad is running for re-election again this April. He amended the constitution to remove the position of prime minister and he now has absolute power. This would allow him remain in power till 2033, when he'll be 80. He's been ruling for 30 years, since 1990. This would be his 6th term. The main opposition leader, Saleh Kebzabo, pulled out of the election race accusing the long standing head of state of “militarizing" the process. 
The intimidation of opposition does not create an environment of a free and fair electoral process!

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Idriss Déby, au lendemain du renversement d'Hissène Habré, le 8 décembre 1990 à Ndjamena avant un discours télévisé. AFP – Archives
Photo by Etienne Laurent / EPA / REX / SHUTTERSTOCK
Yaya Dillo. © AFP - Thomas Coex
Chad: Saleh Kebzabo will no longer hold the presidential elections
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