Central Department of Administration and Resources

Our Central Division ensures that the foundation runs smoothly and that employees have everything they need for their work.

The Central Division is divided into various departments, such as the Planning, Coordination and Evaluation Department as well as the Human Resources Department or the Thematic Management and Policy Advice Department. The Liberal Institute is the thematic creative center of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. It develops innovative political ideas, impulses, and approaches to solutions for current challenges that are oriented toward the reality of people's lives.

The Department of Thematic Management and Political Consulting also includes the Archive of Liberalism in Gummersbach. It is the memory of liberalism in Germany, participates in political education work and researches the history of liberalism.

The Resources department is responsible for administration and finances.

Department of Education, International Affairs and Communication

Our Department of political education is responsible for the foundation's core business: With its regional program, it organizes educational events throughout Germany and at our central educational institution, the Theodor Heuss Academy in Gummersbach. The Political Education Department also includes the promotion of gifted students.

The Department of International Affairs promotes the idea of liberalism in many projects around the world. Worldwide, that means currently in about 60 countries of the world. International dialogue is also conducted through conferences and programs in Germany.

In addition to the classic press services such as press releases, digital press kits and interview mediation, the Communications Department also takes care of the foundation's website. Well-known authors of Freedom and unconventional reports in the Liberal Magazine encourage reflection and public debate.