International Conference on Great Transition of Digital Transformation



The International Conference on Great Transition of Digital Transformation took on 21-22 October at Sungkyunkwan University in an online-offline hybrid format. Over 100 participants from Asia and Europe attended the Zoom webinar to learn about the digital transition and its challenges for humankind, given the rapidly transforming physical to a digital space.

The first conference day provided six presentations by local speakers on designing Smart Cities and the necessity of Social Entrepreneurship. The presenters have pointed out the importance of changing humankind and adapting to the civilization of modern technology. Ms. Younsoon Kim from Chungbuk National University and subsequently by Ms. YeonKyeong Byun from Sungkyunkwan University moderated the first day and facilitated the interactive Q&A session after the presentations.

The second conference day shed light on the importance of sustainable cities, social responsibility, and social entrepreneurship that is crucial for equipping companies and society for a valuable living space in the future. International speakers from Singapore, Hong Kong, Great Britain, and Germany virtually joined the conference. They have provided case studies on the city structures post COVID-19 and ESG Management in Asia, the pivotal role of Social Entrepreneurship in the future post the pandemic, and the meaning of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for cities evaluated from a liberal perspective. Mr. Tae Seok Yang from Western Illinois University moderated the last day, created a relaxed atmosphere, and actively engaged with the hybrid audience. An interactive discussion after each presentation allowed for an in-depth reflection on the presented topic, comments, and questions by the participants.

This two-day international conference thus pointed out the rapid digital transformation and the importance of focusing on humankind's necessities. It requires fundamental changes and a critical reflection upon a future we aim to create for a valuable living space.

The event was made partly possible thanks to close collaboration with Hybrid Future Culture Institute at Sungkyunkwan University and with BK21 FOUR Research Group for Humanistic Future Studies and Social Entrepreneurship.

Day 1 (only in Korean)

Day 2 (in English)