New app allows virtual tour of Southeast and East Asia

FNF offices in Southeast and East Asia launch app that provides an interactive experience through the region
The FNF App
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Zum Frühstück mal eben schnell am Demokratiedenkmal in Bangkok vorbeispazieren, in der Mittagspause den Merdeka-Platz in Kuala Lumpur besichtigen und den Tag dann mit einem Abendspaziergang durch den Benh-Tranh-Markt in Ho Chi Minh City ausklingen lassen. Unmöglich? Geht nicht? Doch. Der Global Innovation Hub der Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit in Hong Kong hat die FNF SEEAsia-App mit augmentierter Realität entwickelt. Die App führt den Nutzer an Wahrzeichen südostasiatischer Städte, die für demokratische und wirtschaftliche Meilensteine stehen. Zusätzlich gibt es Informationen zur Stiftungsarbeit in den verschiedenen Ländern. Damit ist die App eine wertvolle Lern- und Informationsplattform.

Mit FDP-Chef Christian Linder gibt es einen namhaften Nutzer. Er war Ehrengast bei der feierlichen Eröffnung des FNF Global Innovation Hub in Hong Kong und war beeindruckt: „Asien ist die dynamischste Region der Welt.“ Er hat Recht. Und die Stiftung für die Freiheit will mit ihrem Global Innovation Hub eben diese Dynamik nutzen. Die App ist erst der Anfang.


The Democracy Monument in Bangkok, Thailandis a reminder of the Siamese Revolution that led to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy.

The Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a venue for political rallies, and where the “Reformasi” Movement was launched in 1998.

The Benh Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam was set up for informal markets in 17th century, and to date represents economic dynamism and entrepreneurship.

These places of interest that are also landmarks of freedom in Southeast & East Asia can be viewed on FNF SEEAsia app. With augmented reality (AR) features, the app developed by the FNF Regional Office for Southeast & East Asia includes information on the work of the Foundation in the region. It is available for download on App Store and Google Play.

Christian Lindner launches app

Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) Chair Christian Lindner tried the app during his visit to Hong Kong in July 2019. Lindner attended the opening of FNF Global Innovation Hub where he said that “Asia is the most dynamic region in the world.”

“We apply what we call ‘Trinity for Practitioners’: We work on innovation, we work with innovation, and we try to be more innovative,” shared Armin Reinartz, Head of Global Innovation Hub. “We look at trends, we apply new methodologies, and we reform our structures and processes to respond to challenges,” he added.

The FNF SEEAsia app embodies this ‘trinity.’ It shows how the Foundation integrates the latest technology in its work, incorporating AR that provides interactive experience, and reimagining information accessibility. “The app was conceptualized mainly as a tool that would allow us to have materials about the offices in the region at the tip of our fingers. But now, it’s also becoming a platform for learning,” explained Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff, FNF Head for Southeast & East Asia. “With AR becoming mainstream, and virtual reality (VR) transforming internet user experience, we knew we had to keep up with the trends if we wanted to deliver more engaging educational content,” he continued.

The app includes videos, and can be used to link to the FNF offices in Southeast & East Asia. It works by directing the phone camera to the FNF English logo or any Foundation’s regional staff business cards, which then generates the AR content. The user can navigate through the resources by tapping, and zooming in and out the recreated environment.

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