Lynn Harfoush : executive committee member in the Lebanese National Bloc Party

Lynn Harfoush picture.

Lynn Harfoush.

“I’ve wanted to do politics ever since I was a child, because I’ve always felt there’s a political deficiency only women could solve.''

I pursued my studies in Public Relations and also hold a certificate in Intercultural Communication from Ohio University. I’ve been a women’s rights activist for the past 5 years, and an active politician for the past two years, where I currently hold the position of executive committee member in the Lebanese National Bloc Party.

Taking part in FNF’s virtual program; “Women in Politics” was one of the most enriching experiences I had during my activism years. It is both about meeting similar women who share this ambition and have accomplished much yet are eager to accomplish more, and also about getting the chance to learn so much through a set of trainings that were carefully picked and highly valuable. This program was a turning point for me and an eye-opener on what my next priorities would be, and that is to make sure there are more women trained and enabled to become active leading politicians.