FNF Zimbabwe Conducts Waste Management Training Workshop for its Staff and Partners


In commemoration of World Environment Day (5 June 2018) and as an in-house strategy towards mitigation of climate change,  Easy Garbage Start-Up conducted a training workshop for FNF Zimbabwe staff and partners on local and home based waste management strategies. 

Challenges on waste management facing the City of Harare.

  • Zimbabwe’s waste management systems have deteriorated, with insignificant upgrades over the past 20 years. 
  • Systems have not been developed to meet the growing population. Harare has close to 2 million people and produces 15 000 tones of waste a week and more than two million tones of waste in a year. 40% of the waste is recyclable yet an insignificant quantity is recycled. Our Pomona dump site is now full. The Local Council is struggling to operationalise a new identified dump site.
  • Waste is collected arbitrarily, due to inadequate vehicles for ferrying waste, yet each household produces 2.5kg of waste a day.
  • Waste management is not a government priority and citizens have not been cultured to segregate waste.
  • Local government has failed to educate communities on local and home waste management systems. 

The training adopted a ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ model. 

What we will do differently to manage and minimise waste.

  • Not taking a plastic bag at the till shop and instead bring a carrier bag from home.
  • Use plastic water bottles multiple times.
  • Avoid using large quantities of bond papers and paper clips instead scan/ email documents and work towards a paperless office. Also reuse printed bond papers for notes. and printing documents for filing.
  • Use staple pins as notice board pins.
  • Reduce quantity of leftover foods.
  • Develop a composite as dump site for organic material.

What we will do with Partners and Others

  • Work with ZNCC towards programmes on Business and Climate Change. The ZNCC is an alumni of the IAF Blue Economy programme hence he is quite passionate on waste management programme s for business. 
  • Work with Harare City Council on developing an effective waste management system.