Calling on Creatives, Innovators and Entrepreneurs - 500 Euros Each for the Best 10 Submissions

World Creativity and Innovation 2021 #Restart21

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Africa is inviting entrepreneurs across the sub-saharan Africa region to submit videos or photo stories or written articles that detail the most innovative solutions they have made that have helped their initiatives, start ups, businesses survive during the Covid-19 pandemic.

FNF Africa will share these stories and experiences on various publications. The experiences will also form part of the new international FNF campaign #Restart21

The campaign asks, "What can we learn from the pandemic?”. The call to action is “Let’s talk new ideas.” The Foundation acknowledges that the pandemic and its effects will take some time to fade away from our societies, this is why we focus on what are the progressive solutions that have made a positive impact that can be used well into the future.

All countries have faced unique challenges during this crisis. Open borders, the spread of Covid-19 and investments in digital infrastructure have been prioritised in different ways, with varying consequences.

The best 10 submissions will get 500 euros each in return for the items they submit.

Your submission can be: 

Video submissions brief:

  • Landscape or 16/9 submissions mobile video recording
  • 2 minutes long maximum
  • Show introductions, body and conclusion along with supporting visuals

Or Image submissions brief:

  • Portrait photos of the entrepreneur to camera.
  • Portrait photos of the the challenge and the solution to camera.
  • A quote starting the challenge and the solution, maximum 50 - 100 words.

Or Written article submission brief:

  • Detail what the challenge and what the solution was/is.
  • 50 - 100 words maximum.
  • Portrait and landscape photo submissions of the challenge and solution.

Submit to africa@freiheit.org or upload here https://cloud.freiheit.org/index.php/s/FXCBf4GBd8bELjZ with the #Restart21 by 25 June 2021.