Africa Liberal Women Empowerment Programme

Calls for Applications

Managed by the Africa Liberal Network (ALN) with the support of Liberal International, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom, the Liberal Democrats, VVD International, D66 International and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

Location: Hybrid (online and in person – dependent on COVID-19 and international travel regulations)

Africa Liberal Network (ALN) Secretariat Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa

Duration: May – December 2021

The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) is the alliance family of liberal democratic political parties operating in Africa. The network is an associate regional organisation of Liberal International and is the largest liberal political alliance on the continent, bringing together parties with common liberal, democratic and progressive ideas and operating in more than 30 countries. Its role is to strengthen the liberal democratic political parties, movements, organisations, networks, think-tanks and individuals throughout Africa while defining a common political vision to be communicated effectively to communities on the continent.

The Johannesburg-based Secretariat of the Africa Liberal Network (ALN) manages all network related activities, programmes and communication with all stakeholders.

The network’s mission is to support and empower political parties, movements, organisations, networks, think-tanks and individuals to grow their support and increase their influence in politics and implement policies of good governance and uphold the rule of law in government.

Diversity and inclusion is a priority for the Africa Liberal Network, thus the network launches the Africa Liberal Women Empowerment Programme, in collaboration with our member parties and strategic partners.

The Africa Liberal Women Empowerment Programme supports the advocacy of the UN Women, seeks to resuscitate the objectives outlined in the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa (Maputo Protocol), commits to the ideals of the Beijing Declaration and advocates to advance the objectives of the Africa Liberal Network’s Nairobi 2017 Declaration.

The Africa Liberal Women Empowerment Programme will be pursued as a two (2) pronged approach regional empowerment programme for women and the political parties they are members of.

Statement of Work: Promoting participatory democracy through women inclusion.

  1. Women: these are eligible members of political parties, in good standing. They are candidates intending to contest an internal position within their political party’s national decision-making structure, like the Federal (National) Executive. They can also be intending to contest a representative role in public office in a local or national government structure, like the city council, county assembly, constituency leader and member of parliament. They can also be intending to contest elected executive decision roles within regional organisations and institutions. All applicants to the programme must be endorsed by the respective political party federal (national) leader, chairperson, president or the federal (national) secretary general. All endorsements are understood by the programme managers as agreement that the programme applicant is to be considered to the programme, as a representative of her political party.
  2. Political party: all political parties of successful applicants are automatically successful to benefit from the programme. These are political parties who value human rights, the inclusion and support of women, gender parity and the impact that these principles have on the nature and levels of women’s participation in active politics and leadership in general. The political parties would benefit from strategic workshops with international and qualified knowledge experts in the fields of including and supporting more women in decision making, election campaign strategies, micro and macro prospect voter targeting, communication & marketing and exclusive fundraising & networking.

All independent candidates will be assessed according to the political context of the country of origin or contestation. Participation in the programme is FREE of charge.

What you and your political party can gain from the programme:

Objective 1: To equip and develop active women to engage in political and civic leadership across all sectors at the local, national and international level. To encourage and enable women to contribute their views and vision in an informed, effective and meaningful way.

Objective 2: To engage inclusive political parties and their leading decision makers.

  • Support active women to advance to their next level: the programme empowers women and political parties to play a more impactful role in their nation’s efforts to stabilise democracy and evolve responsive governance;
  • Encourage women leaders: the programme aims to empower active women to ascend to decision making portfolios in order to bring in diverse perspectives at decision making platforms and to aim at improving gender balanced representation in political party leadership structures and in legislatures (public office);
  • Evolve the capacity of women leaders: through targeted career guidance and life coaching, the programme invests in the women’s natural talents and unique abilities to generate effective and sustainable policy proposals and monitor their inputs and implementation;
  • Initiate a link between political party candidate selection processes and programme alumni: through the programme, initiate a bridge to negotiate policies and structural processes for candidate selection within inclusive political parties.

Programme Outline:

  • Four (4) empowerment workshops covering a range of leadership empowerment methodologies, to provide all the critical skills and knowledge necessary to successfully campaign. These include: political ideology, democratic institutions/ legislature, advocacy/ issue driving, personal leadership and building your story, public speaking, social media, traditional media, personal branding, fundraising, organization and volunteer management, data, research and voter targeting;
  • One (1) Africa-Europe exchange workshop initiated by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom;
  • Facilitated workshops with key decision makers in liberal political parties;
  • Each successful participant to pursue an individual development project, during May – December 2021. This can be tailored around an identified issue in your community, country or political party;
  • One (1) graduation and certification workshop at the end of the programme, in December 2021 (all elements of the programme must be completed, in order to graduate from the programme).

Who is eligible to apply:

  1. Active members of the Africa Liberal Network member parties;
  2. You will be contesting an election during 2022 – 2024;
  3. First time and returning aspirants who are committed to contest an elected position;
  4. Ability to work in English or French;
  5. Committed to initiate and lead an issue driving individual development project during 2021;
  6. You’re Between the age of 25 – 55 years.

Application Process:

  1. Complete the application form in English or French;
  2. e-Mail a clear face picture of yourself;
  3. e-Mail a biography of yourself (500 words);
  4. e-Mail your updated resume (3 pages);
  5. e-Mail a copy of your valid passport;
  6. e-Mail an endorsement support letter signed by your political party federal (national) leader, chairperson, president or the federal (national) secretary general;
  7. Submit your application and accompanying documents by 23:59 GMT of 4 April 2021.

What is expected from successful participants?

During the programme:

  • Fully commit to and engage with all elements of the programme;
  • Manage, report and complete the individual development project;
  • Be available to learn and discover your personal leadership style. Be open to pursue challenges, open to new ideas and internalize knowledge.

After graduating:

  • When called upon, be available as a co-facilitator for future programmes;
  • When called upon, be available to advise the future of the programme;
  • Be available for peer-to-peer exchange programmes;
  • Become an active participant of the alumni network and to share knowledge and experience where appropriate, as well as keeping the network informed about your successes and achievements.

Contact Person:

Coordinator: Africa Liberal Network (ALN)

Name: Nangamso Kwinana

e-Mail: nangamso.kwinana@africaliberalnetwork.org

Mobile: +27 73 707 8513

Apply HERE: http://bit.ly/3cM9OJk