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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) promotes democracy, human rights, economic freedom, and curbing climate change.

Our Team

We’ve got a pool of highly experienced individuals leading our programs and initiatives in seven project countries. Our team brings with it diverse backgrounds ranging from academic and private...

Tackling the EU's dependency on raw materials

China has established itself as the main provider of numerous critical raw materials, the disruption of which, if used a political instrument to impose pressure in an age of increasing geopolitical...


Asa Arunika - A Revelation on How Climate Change Affects Us

Telling the story of Egi, an NGO worker, and Donna, a barista, who meet by chance. Their encounter leads them to learn from each other, from the meaning of struggle; making peace with the past; to the...

Asa Arunika

Climate Change Documentary: Unraveling Manado (Mengurai Manado)

Manado, a coastal city that is a tourist destination, is threatened by the dangers of climate change. In collaboration with FNF Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the...

Mengurai Manado poster

Climate Change - CLIMATE CHANGE

We believe climate change is an important and relevant issue for the global community, especially in cities. Environmental and transportation issues, as well as infrastructure development, directly...

Climate Change

Reflections on democracy

If Woke Liberalism aims to create change, where is the movement going a little too extreme? How can we point out what works and what doesn't work so that Liberalism and its clear purpose can be more...


Migration dispute between Berlin and Rome

The traffic light coalition in Berlin will in future fund private sea rescue in the Mediterranean with 2 million euros annually - until 2026. In conjunction with the still valid "Dublin III Regulation...


FNF Madrid and the Alicante City Council bring together female executives in the first congress that promotes female talent in the Mediterranean

From the 14th-16th of December, FNF Madrid will organize a conference for a community of executive women in the Mediterranean region, called “EUTHENIA”. This conference will be held in Alicante, and...


The right to education for migrants in Latin America

International migration is a phenomenon that has characterised diverse human groups in all ages and latitudes. However, the events that motivate it are so diverse that they could well take various...