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Rasuah dan Gerakan Sosial

Iltizam politik dilihat sebagai satu cara untuk menangani rasuah sistemik di negara Malaysia. Namun, kemelut politik yang berlaku kebelakangan ini menjadi penyumbang kepada krisis kepercayaan dan...


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More bang for our buck by spending together

As the Ukraine war rages on, the need to improve the EU's military capabilities is increasingly coming to the fore. With defence budgets rising and equipment being sent to Ukraine, countries are...

Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Register for the 2nd Episode-Rating Guides and Tool Kits for Digital Democracy

In 2022 we are launching the “Innovation for Democracy Café“! In a series of digital events, we will showcase best practices of civil society: how to make use of digital technology or innovative...


From Poland With Love – May

From the Russia’s invasion on Ukraine from the Polish perspective, over a new cooperation of all democratic opposition parties to grant more funding and autonomy to local governments to the lowest...

From Poland with love

“Peace. Stability. Vucic.”

International pressure on Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic for his refusal to comply with sanctions on Russia has eased. For this reason, analysts and pollsters now believe that the war in Ukraine...

Aleksandar Vućić

Finland and Sweden on their way into NATO

Long thought unthinkable, the Finnish and Swedish governments have yesterday and today confirmed their countries' decisions to join NATO. The historic moves comes as a result of Russia’s war in...


As the War in Ukraine Continues, UK Needs to Pick Sides

The UK’s main weakness lies in the gap between its words and its actions. All too willing to call for the closure of Nord Stream 2 or to criticise the dependence of its neighbours on Russian oil and...

As the War in Ukraine Continues, UK Needs to Pick Sides

International Academy

Die Auslandsakademie ist ein Highlight im stipendiatischen Jahr der Begabtenförderung der Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit. Auf ihrem letzten Konvent entschieden sich die Stipendiatinnen...

Scholarship Holders

Serbia after the elections

The visit to Serbia, which took place from 3 – 6 May under the title ‘Serbia after the 2022 elections, was organised by the Southeast Europe Society (SOG) in cooperation with six German political...