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EU Budget 2021-2027: What’s in It for Europe’s Defence?

The EU budget for 2021-2027 for the first time includes a security and defence section. Although this signals an increased willingness to commit to joint EU defence initiatives, the potential of the...

Eva Diaz: Women Make the World Go Round

The #FemaleForward online campaign highlights women’s achievements that show how businesses and communities thrive when women take on bigger roles. One of our ambassadors is Eva Díaz from Spain.

Eva Díaz FFI

Covid and Democracy in Mexico

Mexico currently has the third highest Covid-19 death rate in the world. However, the crisis began before the pandemic. Mexico is on the path to authoritarian rule and the government is not even...

Mexikos President Andres Manuel Lopez

Contact our Office in Ukraine

Contact and address of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Project Office Ukraine & Belarus


Institutional Quality Index 2020

Professor Martín Krause presents the Institutional Quality Index together with Relial (Latin American Liberal Network). The work, carried out in conjunction with the Fundación Libertad y Progreso...


About us: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Nowadays, liberal values are being endangered globally. Close to 700 employees in 60 countries worldwide, including Germany, try to counter this development and are united by one cause – the promotion...

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Training fact-checkers to fight “Fake News"

According to a survey by the market research company Ipsos, four out of five Turkish citizens have encountered Fake News at least once. Interestingly, most blame the print media for the spread of Fake...

Training fact-checkers to fight “Fake News"

About us: FNF ESEE -

Find out here more about the work of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and its Regional Office for East and Southeast Europe. 

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The spread of an infodemic – Europe needs sharper tools

Fake news have posed a grave threat to societies, the economy and politics long before the Coronavirus. As a result mistrust has spread. Today, people distrust not only politicians, but doctors too...


Decentralising Lebanon - Utopia or a feasible next step?

In the second issue of the series Isabel Henzler Carrascal addresses decentralisation as a possible solution for achieving better governance structures in Lebanon.

Lebanon Papers