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“I will come back one day”

The refugee route is not just the fate of Syrian refugees. In recent years, more and more journalists from Turkey have been trying to flee to Europe via Greece. What drives them to follow this...

Cagdas Kaplan upon his arrival in Athens.

How do Smart Cities Combat COVID-19?

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Situation of LGBTI+ Employees in the Private and Public Sector in Turkey

Kaos GL Association has conducted this research for the private sector since 2015 and for the public sector since 2017. The focus of the research are the hiring processes, general working conditions...


Memorandum "the Morocco we want"

In a 2017 speech, His Majesty King Mohammed VI called for a rethink of Morocco's development model, bringing it into line with the significant changes taking place today. Following on from this, he...

Memorandum Maroc

Why women empowerment is crucial in Southeast & East Asia

In many areas, women have shown that they can conquer obstacles and break stereotypes.

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Women are rising through the ranks in business. Here’s why.

Women are playing more important roles in business than ever before. They have proven themselves equipped with many of the attributes that translate to successful leadership in business.

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Fix Health System Ills and Empower Citizens to Stop the Pandemic

In every health course I teach, I always remind the audience with the definition of health. It is easy to equate it with absence of disease, however the World Health Organization

Doctors' group asks big businesses to provide protective gear for COVID-19 frontliners

The War in Ukraine – Forgotten, but not Cold

Europe is at war. This is often overlooked in view of the Corona pandemic and a recently renewed refugee crisis on the Greek-Turkish border. However, in eastern Ukraine, soldiers are still dying every...

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"2020 Opportunities" by FLOW

"2020 Opportunities" by FLOW

The Future of Work – how to succeed in a world of thinking machines?

The Future of work – how to succeed in a world of thinking machines?