Creating Local Policy Roadmaps for Smart Solid Waste Management

Resource management, including waste management, is a key smart city area for Philippine cities. Through smart solid waste management (SSWM) – leveraging technology to solve solid waste management problems – decisions can be driven by data. The study created roadmaps for two LGU cases for smart solid waste management: the City of Oroquieta and the Municipality of Arteche.

There are already SSWM technologies applied and used in the Philippines: waste to energy technologies, on-demand recoverable waste collection, and collaborative waste collection architecture. However, the use of smart technologies also presents risks, primarily in data privacy, cyber vulnerability, and social inequity. Through a policy roadmap, the governance of smart cities, particularly in the waste management sector, can be enhanced and made resilient to the risks and threats of smart technologies.

Through case studies, the solid waste management policy environment of the LGU cases were characterized. Challenges and opportunities in the local solid waste management systems of the LGU cases were also determined to create appropriate roadmaps. Policy roadmaps created are based on the model policies published by the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance.

These policies are:

  • ICT accessibility in public procurement,
  • Privacy impact assessment,
  • Accountability in cybersecurity,
  • “Dig Once” for digital infrastructure, and,
  •  Open data.