About Us (FNF Myanmar) : About Us (FNF Myanmar)

Myanmar is a country in transition. The Foundation officially opened a country office in Yangon in 2013 and has been supporting the country's democratic and economic development ever since. Our projects are as diverse as our range of partners: together with our colleagues in NGOs, universities and authorities, we organise research projects, discussion series and training courses.One focus of our work is the promotion of public dialogue - the basis for a functioning democracy. We also work closely with start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises - they often find it difficult to compete with the large state-owned enterprises. We are therefore also advising the country on the establishment of a powerful competition commission.





Frederic Spohr Frederic.spohr@freiheit.org

(Country Director)

Aung Thu Hein (Aung.hein@freiheit.org)

Executive Program Manager

Hnin Wint Naing (hnin.naing@freiheit.org)

Executive Program Manager

Biak Hlei Sung (biakhlei.sung@freiheit.org)

Executive Program Manager

Aye Myat Mon (ayemyat.mon@freiheit.org)

Communications Officer

Sai Kwan Hsai (saikwan.hsai@freiheit.org)

Program Assistant

Than Naing Aung (Than.aung@freiheit.org)

Program Assistant

PenluckNgamdang (Penluck.ngamdaeng@freiheit.org)

Accountant – Myanmar Project, Southeast and East Asia