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The Alliance of Her

Session 2 in Belgium
The Alliance of Her
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Alliance of Her – The next generation of female leaders meets in Belgium Women are still underrepresented in politics. The reasons for this are manifold. There is often a lack of female role models and networks in politics that lift up woman. The Alliance of Her wants to change that. The innovative training program empowers women across Europe to build their skills and become part of an influential network of strong liberal women.

After a long wait due to the Covid pandemic, the Alliance of Her Class of 2020 was finally able to return their home base in rural Belgium. During the mulit-day session, a team of first-class trainers taught the participants what is important in public appearances, how to deal with difficult situations in door-to-door canvassing, and how to use data and social media in your favor. The main focus of all the training sessions, however, is to build confidence in one's own skills and abilities.

„The Alliance of Her Academy has been empowering and I have learnt pratical skills to lead by example and inspire people to grow and excell in their field of endeavor“, says Uruemu Adejinmi, participant from the Irish liberal party, Fianna Fail. In addition to intensive skills training, participants learn from successful female politicians how to hold one's ground in a male-dominated environment.

The class of 2020 will graduate at the end of this month, shortly before the Alliance of Her Alumnae Summit, the first physical meeting of all former participants that have ever graduated the academy since its inception in 2016. Many of our by now 130 graduates are MEPs, members of national and regional parliaments or hold mayoral and other political positions.