Welcome to the NauHaus!


Throughout Germany and all over the world, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is the creative platform for innovation and a think-tank of liberal politics. In Jordan, we have been promoting a tolerant and progressive society for over thirty years now, and we are proud to have established our MENA Regional Office here.

As an educational institute, it is our mission to encourage young people to become active citizens in their local communities. We not only support education through scholarships and study programmes and research, but also more importantly provide platforms to discuss current issues.

Therefore, our new location is the perfect choice: The NauHaus is the “Ideas Incubator for the MENA Region” and located in the beating heart of the city in Jabal Amman. An area rich in history, as well as hunger for innovation. Located next to the German Jordanian University, this area is transforming into an entrepreneurial hub for young citizens looking to make a change.

When Theodor Heuss, the first president of Germany established FNF on the 19th of May 1958, he had a clear vision: The solidification of a democratic, liberal and constitutional society. Today, more than 60 years later to the day, we are taking this vision to the next level.

The NauHaus in Amman will be the very first office where FNF could mould form and function together, sending a clear message to the world: We have arrived in the right place. And we are here to stay.


Dirk Kunze

Regional Director, FNF MENA