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A letter from Ljubljana

Meinung29.05.2019Jure Vozelj
Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit

„Let me start this letter with a spoiler. Throughout the course of the campaign, the polls were looking very grim for our Modern Centre Party (SMC), and unfortunately, the polls were right. I will not write about the causes of the general results for our party, we should identify and analyse them within the party. I will rather try to highlight some positive sides of the campaign as seen through my own eyes.

I was in charge of the campaign for a candidate who was in the middle of our electoral list. That means he would have had a small chance of being elected even if our party had passed the threshold for an MEP mandate. He used to be a professional hockey player and now he is a popular vice-mayor of the mid-sized Slovenian city of Jesenice. I believe that he has great potential for the future and that he might become a mayor one day. Having that in mind, our efforts were directed at laying the grounds for his future political endeavours.

The core team that conducted activities on the ground was relatively small, but we had a great desire to get as many votes as possible in a region in which our party traditionally does not score high. When we met with the team for the first time, we composed a plan of activities for the final month of the campaign and set ourselves a goal – to get directly in touch with as many voters on the ground as possible and to have fun while doing it. We composed the plan together to have shared ownership of it. I believe that is why we successfully implemented it.

We were lucky that a part of our team was also one of our contemporary members of parliament. Her experience from recent parliamentary elections taught her that the most effective and successful campaign was on the field – in direct contact with voters. With her enthusiasm and goodwill, she acted as a motor of the team and encouraged us in times of low morale to do our best.

To sum it up, I believe that we have talked to a large number of voters and handed out a decent amount of leaflets. Our candidate shook many hands and in the last days of the campaign, voters were able to feel our presence in the region. Unfortunately, the nation-wide results were truly disappointing for SMC, but that should not take away our will to engage in future campaigns for a more liberal society. From now on, we should devote every minute of our time, every euro, and every statement that we make, in one goal, and one goal only – to get back the support and trust of our former voters. Or as Maxwell put it: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

Jure Vozelj  is a member of the Modern Centre Party.


Wahlbeteiligung Europawahl 2019:  28 %
Sitze im Europäischen Parlament:   8 Sitze

Liberale Partei:

  • List of Marjan Sarec (15,6%): 2 Sitze (↑ 2)
  • Modern Centre Party (1,6%): 0 Sitze