Social Innovation through technology.
Revolutionizing Politics : Through the lens of technology.

By FNF Lebanon and Syria and Riyada for social innovation
Revolutionizing Politics through the lens of politics.

Revolutionizing Politics : Through the lens of technology.

In partnership with Riyada for Social Innovation, we held our 2021 summer school “Revolutionizing politics through the lens of technology” at the Beirut Digital District for 4 consecutive days from Aug. 4-7. Around 20 committed university students took part in this uniquely designed hands-on program and were initiated to the concept of social innovation in politics using technology, and more specifically, augmented and virtual reality.


Idea behind the program:

Lebanese politics and the systems under which it operates is archaic and does not embrace innovation and the need to change in an era of technology and rapid development. Moreover, Lebanese youth tend to feel disconnected from the political scene and helpless when it comes to changing citizens' political experiences. To tackle this issue, we decided to empower the youth to revolutionize politics through the lens of technology to bring about new and efficient ways to implement politics in Lebanon away from the traditional approach. This is crucial, especially when looking for the input of a Lebanese youth who, in most cases, are thriving to look for better political solutions for their country and more effective participation.


The training:

Participants were introduced to the concepts of virtual and augmented reality to create innovative political solutions in their country. Through this program, the participants did not only acquire technical skills, but also got immersed in politics, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship where they learned how to transform their project into a sustainable business with the help of expert mentors.


Final assignment:

On the last two days, students put to use all the tools that they had acquired during the program to come up with a socially innovative solution to improve politics in their country. Different teams pitched their ideas in front of a jury and the team behind “TarbeyaTec” (an application using AR technology to simplify the civil book material offered in public and private schools) was awarded first prize. Our generous partner Riyada for Social Innovation offered each of the winning team members a tech kit.